Alex Høgh Andersen is a Danish actor and photographer known for his nuanced portrayal of Ivar “the Boneless” in the historical drama television series Vikings. Born in 1994 in Slagelse, Denmark, Høgh Andersen discovered his passion for acting from a young age while studying drama at school. He participated in many theatrical productions which helped him gain valuable experience in the art of storytelling and collaboration. By 17, Høgh Andersen realized he also enjoyed acting in front of cameras, motivating him to pursue film studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Alex Høgh Andersen

20 May 1994 (age 29)

Slagelse, Denmark
Occupation(s)Actor, model and photographer
Years active2012–present
Height1.82 m (5 ft 11+12 in)

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While establishing himself in Danish television and films such as the local series Hedensted High, Høgh Andersen’s breakout role arrived when he was cast in History’s Vikings in 2015. He took on the complex character of Ivar – the cunning yet vulnerable youngest son of Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel). Known for his brittle bone disease that left him crippled, Ivar proved to be one of the most compelling protagonists in the saga. Through over 50 episodes spanning seasons 4-6, Høgh Andersen brought nuance and vulnerability to Ivar, showing both his ruthlessness and humanity.

Filming Vikings took its toll both mentally and physically on the actor, who endured grueling schedules and harsh conditions. However, Høgh Andersen discussed forming strong bonds with castmates like Marco Ilsø, who played his onscreen brother Hvitserk. Their emotional final scene together was portrayed with raw sincerity by the two “Danish brothers.” While Ivar met a bitter end in the series, the role left a profound impact on Høgh Andersen and exposed him to global success. Since Vikings, he has starred in Danish thrillers like Ødeland and The Shadow in My Eye to further critical acclaim.

Offscreen, Høgh Andersen remains passionate about photography and regularly shoots portraits for magazines. He has also used his platform to support charities close to his heart like cancer research – an issue that affected his own mother. Though Ivar the Boneless proved one of television’s most complex roles, Høgh Andersen looks forward to taking on more diverse projects that continue showcasing his talents both in front of and behind the camera. Having emerged from Vikings a leading man, the actor’s future looks bright as he brings dynamic characters to life on screens worldwide.

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