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Color and Comfort: How Color Affects Feelings of Coolness and Body Temperature When Worn in Hot Weather

During the summer months, staying cool can be a challenge as temperatures rise. While fans, [...]

Sustainable Fashion: The Impact of Clothing Color Choice on the Environment and How Sustainable Fashion Can Help Mitigate This

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The Sartorial Saga of Graphic Tees: A Journey Through Time

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Graphic Tees as a Medium of Personal Expression: How t-shirt designs reflect individual identity and cultural trends

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Graphic Tees: The Canvas of Self-Expression in Modern Streetwear Culture

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The Popularity of Mystical and Magical Patterns in Fashion Design

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The Rise of Medieval Fashion on Runways and Social Media

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Nāga in Hindu and Buddhist Mythology

In Hindu and Buddhist mythology, Nāga are divine, supernatural water-serpent deities that are often depicted [...]

How Color Affects How Much Heat Clothing Absorbs

The color of clothes may be more important than their length or material when absorbing [...]

Fan Transforms One Piece Characters Into Powerful Norse Gods Using AI

A One Piece fan named Smu RF has used AI tools to turn characters like [...]