The story of the giant Thiassi kidnapping Idun is likely familiar to many readers. However, Idun’s tales do not end there. Today we will listen to the story of how Bragi used his music to rescue Idun.

One day, after a tiring day of work, Idun rested on a branch of the World Tree. The warm sun and gentle breeze caused her to fall into a deep sleep. Suddenly, Idun slipped and fell through the clouds, plunging straight down into the underworld of Hel, the goddess of the dead. Hel swiftly cast a spell of enchantment upon Idun, trapping her in terrible nightmares.

Nearby, Heimdall saw but could not catch Idun in time. He blew the alarm on his horn to signal the emergency. Upon his high throne, Odin saw clearly what had happened and devised a plan to rescue her. He ordered Thor, Heimdall and Bragi to save Idun, giving them a magical white wolfskin cloak to protect her from the icy cold of the underworld.

Panel “Idun and Bragi” This panel picturedeals with the most poetic part of the gods’ lives, showing the divine couple of Idunn, the goddess associated with rejuvenating apples, and her husband Bragi, the god of poetry. It is the series “Asgard” of 5 lacquered panel pictures showing the world of the supreme Scandinavian gods. Specially created to decorate the interior in Norway.The oak panels done in lacquer miniature painting.


Viking God


The three gods Heimdall, Bragi and Thor set out together. But along the way, Heimdall struck his sword against a bag, realizing Loki had transformed into a fly to follow them secretly. “He intends no good by following,” Heimdall warned Thor. “Hel is still his daughter, we must be wary of him.”

They journeyed far north, braving the treacherous frozen rivers. Guards of the underworld tried to block their path but were slain by Thor. He smashed down the gates of Hel’s golden hall and confronted the goddess. But Hel held the captive Idun, taunting “Unless you can lift the spell upon her, you’ll not take her from here. Bow before me and I’ll consider freeing her.”

Thor wished to fight but Heimdall counselled restraint, reminding them their purpose was rescue, not battle. His gentle words failed to sway Hel. Searching for Idun, they found her motionless and freezing cold, unresponsive to Thor’s strength or Bragi’s pleas.

Heimdall remembered Odin’s gift – with the wolfskin cloak, warmth and life returned to Idun’s body. But trapped so deeply in nightmares, she could not yet awaken. Tears flowed from her eyes and no sound came from her lips.

Suddenly Bragi understood Odin’s wisdom in choosing him. Thor would protect as Bragi used his gift. Heimdall would guide them with his senses. Bragi bade the others leave, trusting his music could save his wife.

Alone with Idun, Bragi played his harp, filling the hall with pure and hopeful sounds telling their story. Even cold Hel’s heart softened to the beauty, and she lifted the spell from Idun. “A reward for the most gifted musician of the Nine Worlds,” she said, releasing them safely.

Bragi’s music guided their way as they joyfully returned to Asgard, while Loki alone was unhappy to have missed his chance to harm them. Through Bragi’s gift, the rescue mission succeeded.

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