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The Popularity of Mystical and Magical Patterns in Fashion Design

Irish folklore has had a profound influence on the fashion design traditions of Ireland. Ancient [...]

Nāga in Hindu and Buddhist Mythology

In Hindu and Buddhist mythology, Nāga are divine, supernatural water-serpent deities that are often depicted [...]

Jörmungandr: The Mighty World Serpent of Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr is a giant serpent who plays an important role. Also known [...]

The Wolves of War – Fenrir and the Viking Symbolism

Fenrir, also known by names such as Fenrisulfr, Hróðvitnir and Vanargand, holds great significance as [...]

Valknut symbol: An enigma from Norse mythology

While the exact origins and original meaning of the Valknut symbol are unknown due to [...]