Submarines have long captured the imagination of children with their ability to dive deep underwater and explore mysterious ocean depths. For generations, toy submarines have let young players feel like real submarine captains on miniature journeys of discovery. Different types of toy submarines are available for various ages and levels of play. From simple bath toys to remote-controlled underwater vehicles, today’s submarine toys offer unique interactive experiences.

Remote-Controlled Submarine Toys

One of the most advanced options are remote-controlled toy submarines. These high-tech toys allow children to pilot lifelike miniature subs using handheld remotes. Some key remote-controlled submarine toys include:

Mini Submarine Remote Control by Grizz Studio: This mini RC sub features forward and backward controls as well as diving and surfacing functions. It can maneuver nimbly through swimming pools, fish tanks, or other bodies of water. Its lights provide illumination for underwater adventures. The included remote control enables smooth piloting.

GoolRC Mini RC Submarine: Available in several colors, this 4-channel RC sub responds to controls for forward, backward, left and right turns. It is fully waterproof and can dive up to 10 feet deep. The rechargeable battery provides around 8 minutes of playtime per charge.

Tipmant RC Submarine: White or blue in color, this small remote submarine can be controlled above or below the water’s surface. It has a powerful motor for nimble movement in pools or large tanks. The antenna on the remote control allows operation from a distance of up to 10 meters away.

Mini-Submarine Toys for Bath Time

More basic toy submarines are designed specifically for bathtub play. These simple but engaging toys float, dive, and glide to spark children’s imaginations in the bath. Top bath-time submarine options include:

  • Green Toys Submarine: Made from recycled plastic materials, this colorful sub spins its rear propeller for bath time fun. It is BPA-free and safe for children age 6 months and up.
  • Toysmith Diving Sub: A classic wind-up toy, this basic yellow sub dives and resurfaces when wound. Its simple design has entertained bathtime players for generations.
  • OceanBound Submarine: Brightly painted with “periscope” detailing, this cheerful tub toy encourages sensory play and hand-eye coordination skills.
  • Fill N’ Splash Submarine: Not only does it float, but this sub also fills up with water for added weight, then empties itself when squeezed. Kids can pilot it around the bath.

Submarine Toy Collections

For those seeking to build entire miniature fleets or bases, toy collections offer multiple submarine and accessory options. These expansive sets add realistic pretend play elements:

  • Toy Submarine and Aircraft Carrier Combo: This highly-rated set includes a detailed carrier, 2 small subs, and 8 miniature jets for launching. Children can imagine intense naval missions.
  • Naval Ship Play Set: Featuring a ship, sub, jet planes and torpedoes, this portable set sparks creative scenarios. Additional boats and figures can be added.
  • 45-Piece Army Toys Set: Including various vehicles, planes, bases and soldiers, this expansive collection fuels open-ended adventures on land and sea.
  • 10-Piece Submarine Model Set: Detailing iconic sub styles, these snap-together paper models teach ocean history while unleashing a kid’s artistic side.

In conclusion, toy submarines open up a exciting underwater world of exploration and imagination for children. Whether preferring simple bath toys or high-tech radio controls, these miniature subs spark wonder about what mysteries lie beneath the surface. They offer fun that can last for generations.

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