Baba Vanga, the blind Bulgarian prophetess, is considered one of the most accurate psychics in history, with many of her prophecies coming true even today.

According to Expat Guide Turkey, Vanga made 5 predictions for the year 2024. These involve significant changes that could greatly impact various industries if they come to pass.

Natural Disasters Threaten Human Lives

One of Vanga’s forecasts for 2024 is that natural disasters will increase rapidly and occur frequently. This vision seems plausible as Earth witnessed many abnormal climate and weather events in 2023, from climate change to a late-year El Niño.

The blind prophetess predicted more hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and wildfires would cause massive loss of life and property damage next year. She also warned of a huge earthquake in the Pacific Ring of Fire region in 2024.

Severe Global Economic Crisis

Vanga’s prophecy for 2024 foretells a major worldwide economic crisis with global ramifications. In her words, mounting debt, geopolitical tensions, and a power shift from West to East would combine to create this crisis.

Cure for Cancer Found in Medicine

Amid some negative predictions, Vanga’s words also hinted at hopeful signs for humanity. Notably, she said that in 2024, people would discover a method to defeat cancer for the first time in history, allowing patients to be cured. Other diseases like Alzheimer’s would see major progress too, benefiting millions worldwide.

Rise of Quantum Computers

2024 would witness powerful development of quantum computing and artificial intelligence, according to Vanga. These machines could then perform complex calculations and data analysis at previously unimaginable speeds, impacting finance, cybersecurity, healthcare and more.

Oil Industry Replaced

Oil extraction would be replaced by a new energy industry in 2024, likely referring to renewable energy from sunlight, wind, tides, geothermal and so on. In recent years, renewables have gained momentum globally amid worsening climate change impacts from traditional industries.

How Accurate Were Vanga’s Predictions?

Major outlets like Mirrors, Guardian and Indiatimes rated Vanga’s accuracy at around 85%. She accurately foresaw events like the Chernobyl disaster (1986), Princess Diana’s death (1997), the Soviet Union’s dissolution (1991), 9/11 (2001) and Brexit (2020) in the past.

In 2023, Vanga was said to predict a powerful solar storm would impact Earth’s climate. This proved true when the strongest solar storm in 6 years hit in March, followed by another in April 24th. Scientists from NOAA believe the effects of these solar storms set a new record high temperature in Earth’s atmosphere that may persist for years.

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